WinWinWin Model【English Version】Learning Conference

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16 Jul 2023 - Sun 7:00 PM - Kuala Lumpur

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23 Jul 2023 - Sun 7:00 PM - Melaka

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29 Jul 2023 - Sat 7:00 PM - Johor Bahru

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Nicholas Aw (Executive Director Of OE Academy)

Nicholas Aw
Entrepreneurs Trainer

Malaysia Book Of Record Holder
Largest Participation In A Facebook Live
Broadcasting Entrepreneurs Seminar


Is the market lacking customers or do our products hardly meet the market demand
Are shareholders lacking funds or do our investors feel insecure with their investments
Is the team lacking motivation or the welfare benefit offered barely attracts our team

Facing troubles with your Customers
Facing troubles with your Shareholders
Facing troubles with your Team

It’s easy to solve them once you achieve

the【WinWinWin Model】💪🏻

Bring your Loved ones, your Team, your Respected ones,

and also your Partners to OE's platform 💪🏻

Allow your family and yourself

to cultivate the (Seeds of Wisdom)❤️


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《Discover your Benefactor. Appreciate your Benefactor. Become a Benefactor》


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Jika boleh jadi luar biasa, kenapa jadi biasa?

Chairman of OE Edutech
- Datuk Wira Dato (Dr) Calvin Khiu

Jika boleh jadi luar biasa, kenapa jadi biasa?"

Chairman of OE Edutech - Datuk Wira Dato (Dr) Calvin Khiu

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